Enrico Zecchini
Enrico Zecchini (b.1983,Catania,Italy)
Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany
Email: zecchinienricoez@gmail.com
Instagram: Enrico.ez

The latest painting series made in 2017-23 is based on the Aristotelian metaphysics concept of ENTELECHY - from Ancient Greek entelékheia coined by Aristotle from entelès “complete” tèlos “accomplishment” èkho “to have” - or rather the complete realisation and final form of some potential concept or function, the conditions under which a potential thing becomes actualized.

A particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and inner strength directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being; the need to actualize one’s beliefs; having both a personal vision and the ability to actualize that vision from within.

The Italian artist Enrico “EZ” Zecchini represents the first step of a new research project focussed on creating input and conditions needed to actualize a potential form.
Goethe designed the Entelechy as the archetype of plants in the same way the painting lives and develops by it self through a long process of self-determination.

About the process: a considerable amount of water fill the potencial shape and slowly  leads colors to growing into to the final form. This process may takes even one month to complete and only by such a long time the passage of time becomes visible.



2006 - Degree in Sculpture, Accademy of Fine Arts, Catania, Italy 2002 - High school leaving qualification in Art, Liceo Artistico, Catania, Italy
2006 - Erasmus project (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students), Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Budapest, Hungary

2022 - “Fluidity” KIB Raum für Kunst, Berlin, Germany
2022 - “Italian week” The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
2022 - “Spring 2022” Folx Gallery, Virtual space
2019 - “Fresh legs” Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2018 - “ALCHEMIA | EAF @ Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018”, Gallery Malina, Berlin, Germany
2017 - “49 contemporary artists”, Enter Art Fondation, Berlin, Germany
2010 - “Nel segno di Andrea Pazienza”, Palazzo della Cultura (cultural municipalitie center), Catania, Italy
2009 - “Quasi monocromaticamente”, Nuova Officina d’Arte (art gallery), Catania, Italy
2006 - “Potentially Europe”, Mnisek pod Brdy (cultural municipalitie center), Prague, Czech Republic

Enter Art Foundation, Berlin, Germany
Nuova Officina d’Arte, Catania, Italy
Ateliers Pro Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Distrupt, Sydney, Australia

Berlin. Germany
Sydney,Melbourne. Australia
Tuscany, Milan, Catania. Italy

Since 2011 - Art writer for COLLATER.AL (www.collater.al/author/enrico-zecchini/)